Horizon Utilities presents $1.6 million saveONenergy incentive for CityHousing Hamilton conservation efforts

Horizon Utilities was pleased to present CityHousing Hamilton with a $1.6 million cheque at its monthly board meeting this week.

CityHousing Hamilton Board Chair and Ward 5 Councillor Chad Collins accepted the cheque on behalf of the organization. The incentive was made possible through the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) saveONenergy program which encourages municipal, commercial and industrial customers to implement projects that will use electricity more efficiently while reducing energy costs and emissions.

CityHousing Hamilton undertook several energy retrofit projects across eight of its multifamily buildings. The efforts included new air handling units, solar air heating, insulation and efficient lighting.

As a result of these measures, CityHousing Hamilton expects to see savings of more than $2.7 million over the lifespan of the new equipment. The expected reduction in electricity use would be equivalent to powering more than 100 homes per year. In addition, CityHousing Hamilton will reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 243 tonnes annually, or the equivalent of removing 70 cars from Ontario’s roads for a year.

“[This] announcement not only highlights the important work done to keep operating costs down in our facilities, but also highlights the need for smart investments in our facilities that will not only benefit the City but the residents of CityHousing Hamilton,” said CityHousing Hamilton Board Chair and City Councillor Chad Collins.

“Horizon Utilities is proud to contribute to the long-term sustainability of our community and the environment,” said Max Cananzi, president and CEO, Horizon Utilities. “Energy conservation and sustainable development are at the heart of everything we do. Using the expertise and incentives that Horizon Utilities offers to reduce energy use and save money in our communities is a true benefit to all of us.”

Tom Hunter, CEO CityHousing Hamilton; Max Cananzi, President & CEO Horizon Utilities; Fred Eisenberger, Mayor of Hamilton; Chad Collins, City Councillor Hamilton (Ward 5)

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