International Workplace Group Launches New Franchise Program in Canada

By 2030, the flexible workspace industry is said to contribute $369 billon to the Canadian economy, and the number of jobs associated with flexible workspaces is expected to grow by 59 per cent, according to a report released by International Workplace Group (IWG).

With the anticipated growth in the industry, IWG (formerly Regus) is providing an opportunity for franchisees to enter the flexible workplace industry by launching their new franchise program in Canada.

IWG is a multinational corporation that supplies serviced offices, virtual offices, meeting rooms, and videoconferencing to clients on a contract basis.

As part of its new program, IWG offers comprehensive infrastructure to support franchisees in Canada throughout the lifecycle of their investment.

The global IWG franchise team works closely with its franchisees to ensure they have a framework to find the right location and design, are able to grow their market footprint, and have quality customer service.

“Three in ten buildings on every high street around the world could offer a new franchise opportunity in the coming years,” says Wayne Berger, CEO, IWG Canada and Latin America. “The serviced office market is one of the most exciting growth markets in the world, and the next frontier for franchise operators. We are excited to partner with new franchise operators to bring the many benefits of flexible working to more people and businesses across Canada.”

Since founding the industry in Brussels, Belgium in 1989, IWG’s business model represents a franchise opportunity that can provide partners with a “highly attractive return” on their investment.

“Imagine being given the chance to work with previously successful franchise industries such as restaurants or gyms at the beginning of their growth explosions,” says Steven McAnulty, Director of Franchise Development at IWG Canada. “A similar or even larger opportunity awaits in the serviced office market. It’s a phenomenal opportunity to diversify away from traditional franchise industries.”

IWG is seeking qualified franchise partners with organizational and financial capabilities to open a minimum of five locations no smaller than 10,000 square feet over a two-to three-years period.

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