Jamieson Place achieves largest LEED Gold certification in Alberta

The 38-storey Jamieson Place in Calgary has achieved LEED-CS (Core & Shell) Gold certification, becoming the largest new construction project in Alberta to be awarded certification under the LEED green building rating system. This prominent, 84,100-sq.-m. office tower with ground floor retail has a variety of sustainable features including an efficient HVAC system, high efficiency lighting, and low-flow water fixtures.

“As the interest in sustainable buildings continues to expand in Calgary, it is gratifying to see Jamieson Place demonstrate a real commitment to being green by achieving LEED Gold,” says Matt Grace, Manager, Western Canada, with Enermodal Engineering. “This is a very visible feather in Calgary’s cap to have the largest LEED certified new building in Alberta.”

Enermodal Engineering served as the Sustainability Consultant for the project (a role that included LEED, Energy Modeling, Green Education and Measurement & Verification of energy use), which was designed by Gibbs Gage Architects. The building is owned by bcIMC Realty Corporation and operated by Bentall Kennedy LP.

At Jamieson Place, a variety of energy efficiency measures were implemented, including an air-tight envelope, energy efficient mechanical system, a waterside economizer, and high-efficiency lighting plan.

Most office buildings use mechanical equipment that operates in full-on or full-off mode. However, at Jamieson Place, the mechanical system is based on modulating boilers and chillers that run at varying speeds, depending on how much hot or cool air is needed. This simple improvement saves considerable energy.

To ensure that the predicted energy savings for Jamieson Place are realized, Enermodal has been retained to collect data from energy and water meters for one year to help the owner and property manager improve the building’s energy performance.

Jamieson Place will be supplied by green power according to a five-year contract signed by Bentall Kennedy LP.

At Jamieson Place, all fixtures, from shower heads to faucets to toilets and urinals, are “low flow.” As a result of these measures, Jamieson Place uses 40 per cent less water than a conventional building. This is equivalent to over 63,000 bathtubs of water saved every year.

When local construction materials are used, transportation impacts such as fuel use and pollution are greatly reduced (and the local economy sustained). Regional materials make up 25 per cent of the materials used in the construction of Jamieson Place.

Many building products and furniture contain VOCs (volatile organic compounds). These compounds contribute to a variety of health ailments. At Jamieson Place, adhesives, sealants, laminates, paints, carpet, and coatings contain minimal amounts of VOCs.

Irresponsible forestry practices can cause forest fires and destroy the habitat of threatened species of wildlife. To support ethical forestry, over half the wood used in the construction of Jamieson Place is FSC certified.

Tenants of Jamieson Place are provided with Tenant Guidelines that describe environmentally-preferred ways of fitting up office space. These Guidelines cover such topics as energy conservation and natural lighting.

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