Mixed-use Communities

Changing Opportunities

“It’s a time of transition for the Canadian real estate markets, but it’s not a time for pessimism. Across the country, opportunities abound—only they’re not necessarily the same ones that have driven the markets’ growth in recent years.”

Fortress buys Barrie-area mixed-use project

Fortress Real Developments announced that it has purchased the mixed-use Collier Centre project in Barrie, which began construction in 2012, is now 65 per cent complete and is expected to need another year of work before full occupancy can…

2014 in the rear view mirror

As we gear up and prepare ourselves for a year that looks to be as action-packed as 2014, we at Building thought it would be fun to do an ICYMI (in case you missed it) for the most-read news stories we posted in 2014. You may have…