Lemay and MACH Initiate Quartier des lumières Fitwel Certification

The future Quartier des lumières in Montréal’s Centre-Sud borough will be among the nine neighbourhoods to lay the groundwork for a new international Fitwel Community certification.

This neighbourhood will be the only Canadian site in the Fitwel pilot project, administered by the Center for Active Design (CFAD) in New York.

Photo Courtesy of graphsynergie.com

As part of the Quartier des lumières master plan, Lemay proposed Fitwel program participation for the 20-acre neighbourhood, and Canadian land developer MACH embraced the initiative.

The new Fitwel Community standard promotes planning strategies with positive health impacts in seven categories: increasing physical activity, promoting occupant safety, reducing illness and absenteeism, promoting social equity for vulnerable populations, fostering feelings of well-being and improving community health and access to healthy food.

“The Fitwel Community approach looks to long-term impact on Quartier des lumières residents and visitors, who will benefit from comfortable surroundings that promote healthy, active and inclusive lifestyles,” says Hugo Lafrance, Sustainability Director at Lemay.

The program prioritizes pedestrian and bicycle connections, access to quality public spaces and controlled densities to create an urban neighbourhood on a human scale.

It also includes large areas reserved for special projects involving social economy, community education and citizens’ groups.

Photo Courtesy of groupemach.com

The proposed new urban framework defines the Quartier’s squares and parks, streets and shared spaces, pedestrian crossings and green alleys that will criss-cross the site. The main park will provide an area of over 56,000 sq. ft.

The project will also include the development of approximately 1,000 social and affordable housing units, office space and a residential component for students, young couples, families, and single and retired people.

Quartier des lumières will welcome active transportation, with limited car speeds and measures to discourage truck traffic throughout the site.

With the Quartier des lumières, Lemay and MACH are leveraging the foundation for a community with a sense of belonging, a focus on people and an emphasis on overall well-being.

“This Fitwel certification is community-wide and combines all aspects of Centre-Sud,” said Christopher Sweetnam Holmes, Vice President, Real Estate Development, at MACH. “We believe in this total neighbourhood approach as the most harmonious way forward for long-term development.”

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