Loretto Academy’s Niagara Falls Site is Transforming into a Luxury Hotel

The heart of the Loretto Academy complex in Niagara Falls is transforming into a luxury hotel and limited edition residences, located at 6880 Stanley Ave.

The existing building will incorporate the academy’s mansard roof and cupola, retain architectural elements, and restore its river-facing façade.

Photo Courtesy of niagarafallsmuseums.ca.

A luxury hotel with optimal amenities, and condominium residences stationed above, is also included in the 32-storey south tower, 57-storey central tower and 42-storey north tower. This development will transform Niagara Falls’ prime dining, entertainment, and nightlife corridor, the Fallsview Tourism District.

Founded in 2014 in Vancouver, BC, 3Bridges Properties (Group) Corp. is recognized for their experience in completing large development projects such as Gold House at Metrotown in Burnaby, BC with Rize Alliance.

This development is 3Bridges Properties’ first venture outside British Columbia. The three buildings, which will sit in a park-like setting, are designed to maximize views to Niagara Falls.

“We are delighted to be able to introduce what will be three distinctive buildings into the Niagara Falls skyline,” said 3Bridges Properties CEO Dan Zhang. “Our corporate vision is building three bridges – of diversified cultures in this multicultural city, of economic development in the area, and of friendship and understanding between Asia and North America. By honoring Loretto Academy’s past, we pave the way for a bright future for this landmark address.

3Bridges Properties (Group) Corp. to build luxury hotel and residences on
Loretto Academy’s Niagara Falls site. (Photo: 3Bridges Properties)

According to Zhang, when the reconstruction of Loretto Academy is completed, the project should attract more visitors from Asia and boost local tourism, while creating employment opportunities for the Greater Niagara Region.

“As property developers, we expect this venture to contribute to the local economy and community,” said Zhang.

Though a construction start date has not been announced, the Vancouver-based developer anticipates securing an architect with global experience and a Canadian contractor.

With attractions like the new Scotiabank Convention Centre across the street, and the John Daly Thundering Waters Golf Club 600 metres south, the hotel’s prominent district is set to generate popularity.

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