McGill University Health Centre’s Glen site Receives second LEED Gold Certification

The McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) and the McGill Healthcare Infrastructure Group (MHIG) have received a second LEED Gold certification, a first in Québec.

McGill University Health Centre, MUHC’s Glen site by Jeangagnon via Wikimedia Commons

The CaGBC awarded the LEED Gold for Existing Building (EB) certification to the new MUHC Glen site, which opened in 2015 in Montréal. In February 2016, the site obtained LEED Gold for New Construction (NC) certification.

“We’re excited to have been a part of the McGill University Health Centre’s LEED Gold certification,” said Stephane Couture, Consumer Business Director at Johnson Controls. “Through the implementation and integration of smart technologies, MUHC Glen site is future-ready and better prepared to deliver improved patient outcomes. Green initiatives like this set the standard for healthcare facility management and pave the way for a more a sustainable future.”

The MUHC Glen site was built according to the principles of sustainable development and contributes to energy savings and healthy airflow.

The facilities at the MUHC Glen site include energy-efficient initiatives resulting in less energy consumption for the average standard Canadian hospital, and saving approximately $2,5 million per year.

The site additionally implements reduced light pollution as a result of adapted lighting fixtures and an emphasis on natural light, low-flow faucets that decrease potable water consumption by at least 40 per cent in relation to comparable buildings, a bicycle path linked to the City of Montréal’s network, and decreased heat island effect.

“As a public institution, the MUHC offers a healing environment for both patients and the public,” said Pierre-Marc Legris, Director of Technical Services of the MUHC. “A LEED certified building means that we have built – and now operate – an efficient structure that offers the healthiest environment to its users with a lesser impact on the natural environment and on resources. Building on this achievement, a newly created Sustainable Development Committee pledges to spearhead impactful initiatives aimed at improving the sustainability of our operations and services for generations to come.”

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