‘Smart Cities’ company Miovision expands Ontario presence

Miovision TechnologiesMiovision Technologies, a ‘Smart Cities company specializing in the development of internet-enabled traffic networks, is expanding its presence in Ontario, welcoming new employees to its Kitchener headquarters with funding from the provincial government. With support from the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund, Miovision has already moved to Catalyst137, a new ‘Internet of Things’ innovation centre in Kitchener. The new facility provides space for additional employees and allows the company to expand research and development, conduct more efficient product testing and meet increasing market demands.

The company’s new 62,500 square foot headquarters on Glasgow Street will gradually welcome new employees as the provincial funds are delivered in stages. The province is investing $1.5 million from the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund, supporting an additional private investment of $13.5 million from Miovision Technologies. The project is creating and retaining 384 positions, with new positions set to be gradually filled before December 2021. As it stands, the company supports some 175 jobs.

An aerial view of the new Miovision HQ at 137 Glasgow Street. Image via Google Maps.

According to Miovision CEO Kurt McBride, “This investment helps us scale up so we can focus on what matters to us the most, making a bigger impact with cities.” Describing the company’s operations, McBride explained that “We work with cities around the world to make traffic better – whether improving traffic flow, making roads safer, or helping cities plan for streets that accommodate drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.”

Jeff Leal, the Miniaster Repsonsible for Small Business, made the announcement this morning. “Ontario is pleased to partner with Miovision, a true homegrown success story,” Leal said. “This is a leading information and communication technology company that is driving innovation in the ICT marketplace and shaping the future of smart cities. Our investment through the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund is helping the company accelerate its growth, increase its global competitiveness, create highly-skilled jobs and strengthen the regional economy in Kitchener.”

Founded in Kitchener in 2005, Miovision now also has offices in Cologne, Geramny.

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