Niagara Parks begins RFQ phase to redevelop two power stations

Niagara Parks is looking to reimagine two decommissioned hydroelectric power plants. Located in the heart of Queen Victoria Park, with the Niagara River, Horseshoe Falls and American Falls as backdrops, the call for development proposals offers the opportunity to preserve these buildings.

Ontario Power Company Generating Station

Niagara Parks has issued the RFQ to qualify potential proponents and investors, which will close on June 24, 2022. Following the conclusion of the RFQ phase, qualified proponents will be invited to submit to the final phase, the Request for Proposals stage, which will begin in the fall of 2022 and close in 2023.

The decommissioned power stations were transferred to the Niagara Parks Commission in 2007, followed by the former Canadian Niagara Power Company generating station in 2009, which has since been completely preserved and transformed into a multi-faceted new guest experience for Niagara Parks.

Toronto Power Generating Station

The target audience for this opportunity is firms which have, or have available, all of the expertise and resources considered necessary to: finance, design, procure, construct, operate and maintain the project under a long-term lease agreement with Niagara Parks.

For those interested in viewing and participating in the RFQ, visit Niagara Parks’ online portal through Bonfire. Separate submissions are required for both of the sites and proponents can choose to make submissions for one or both of the redevelopment opportunities.

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