NRB wins two Awards of Distinction from the Modular Building Institute

Prefabricated modular building specialists NRB received two awards for excellence in marketing and building design at the recent Modular Building Institute (MBI) World of Modular, Awards of Distinction event held in Orlando, FL.  This year, NRB won First Place in its category for both the West Reading Elementary Center and the marketing piece “No Limits…Only Possibilities.” Each year, MBI hosts its international industry convention during which the Awards of Distinction recognizes the best projects in commercial modular building design and construction. This year’s contest garnered 147 unique entries, a 40 per cent increase in nominees over the last year.

West Reading Elementary Center has received First Place in the category Permanent Modular, Education less than 5,000 square feet. Completed in less than eight months, the Center included the interior renovation of an existing 50 year old facility as well as a two-story addition. Meeting an extremely tight schedule, the renovations/foundations were completed while the addition was constructed at the NRB plant, saving time and allowing the project to come in under budget.  The addition was designed to match the existing school with the exterior finished in face brick and architectural aluminum panels to match the school’s signage. Throughout the project, energy and resource conservation methods were applied, including low flow plumbing fixtures, energy saving ballasts, high efficiency HVAC, and related equipment.

The DVD “No Limits…Only Possibilities” has won First Place in the category: Marketing Piece, Multimedia.

The purpose of NRB’s marketing DVD was to transform market perceptions that continue to place boundaries around modular construction and limit company growth potential. The message and photo on the cover concedes the simplicity of the basic concept of the modular industry, while conveying the complex levels of design sophistication that can be reached. The DVD has been placed by chapter on each of the appropriate website pages and based on tracked results from the past 6 months, there have been an average of 347 views per month. Additionally, the YouTube viewing totals an aggregate of approximately 6,300 views over the past year.

According to Laurie Robert, NRB’s VP of Sales and Marketing, off-site modular construction is an inherently “greener” process.  “Building off-site in a controlled environment not only improves waste management and the construction quality, but it also significantly reduces the on-site activity so disruption, vehicle traffic, workforce travel and disturbance to the surrounding community are minimized.”

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