OAA calls for presenters for 2024 conference

Photo source: The Ontario Association of Architects

The Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) is calling for presenters for its conference next spring.

The upcoming conference, called “Housing: Pushing the Envelope,” is scheduled to take place at the Niagara Falls Convention Centre in May 2024.

Given the National Housing Strategy Act’s recognition of adequate housing as a human right, it is imperative to take prompt and considerate action. The upcoming event aims to unite a diverse group of architectural experts to explore inventive concepts and remedies for crafting secure, healthy, all-encompassing, and sustainable environments.

The conference will encompass cutting-edge technologies and regenerative building principles, alongside imaginative adaptive reuse and rethought densities. The primary objective is to delve into the latest trends and exemplary practices. By concentrating on overcoming housing challenges in various communities—covering homes, hospitality, and healthcare—the 2024 Conference presents a distinctive opportunity to acquire knowledge, establish professional connections, and contribute to a collective approach towards establishing fair housing in Ontario and beyond.

The 2024 Conference will focus on addressing housing challenges in diverse communities, providing attendees with an opportunity to learn, network, and contribute to creating equitable housing in Ontario and beyond.

As part of this event, the OAA is seeking proposals from industry professionals to contribute to a Continuing Education program, which aims to share their expertise and insights on topics such as sustainable housing design, affordable housing construction, and innovative housing solutions that address the needs of diverse communities.

Those who are interested in sharing their insight and expertise with others in the profession are encouraged to respond to the OAA’s online form to submit a brief outline of their proposed session.

The deadline for submissions is October 10, 2023.

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