OAA calls for submissions to Climate Action Case Studies series

Photo credit: The Ontario Association of Architects (OAA)

The Ontario Association of Architects (OAA) has launched a new Climate Action Case Studies series to complement the sustainability theme in its five-year strategic plan.

The series intends to serve educational and informational objectives, as well as to provide models of climate-conscious performance. The OAA is inviting contributions from members to develop the series.

The OAA recognizes that the built environment plays a significant role in greenhouse gas emissions and that architects can help make significant progress toward achieving reduction targets. Intended for both the public and the profession, the collected case studies aims to demonstrate how thoughtful approaches can mitigate new and existing buildings’ impacts.

Based on estimates provided by various sources, approximately one-third of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions originate from the constructed environments where individuals reside, work, and engage in recreational activities, according to the OAA; the proportion  is even higher within urban settings.

Given that buildings play a crucial role in emitting greenhouse gases, it is imperative that a substantial part of the solution to achieving emission reduction targets involves the development of an enhanced and more efficient built environment. This pertains to both new construction and the revitalization of existing structures.

The assortment of case studies presented on OAA’s website will represent contributions from members, serving as tangible examples of how the architectural field can actively contribute to improved climate action and construct superior outcomes.

Those who possess exceptional climate-conscious performance or demonstrate how the architectural profession can contribute to better construction are encouraged to submit a case study for evaluation.

For more information, click here or contact [email protected].

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