OAA report highlights economic impacts of architecture in Ontario

The architecture industry plays an important role and makes a significant contribution to Ontario’s economy. The architectural services footprint in Ontario is much more that the spending and design associated with the architectural services industry and the vertical construction industry; it also encompasses spending in the architectural, engineering and related technologies education & training sector, spending by tourists whose travel to Ontario is significantly motivated by Ontario’s architecture, as well as the economic benefits that all of these activities generate.

OAA, Altus Group, report
“In addition to building up and maintaining Ontario’s infrastructure, the construction sector generates about 6.7% of Ontario’s GDP or $58 billion,” according to the report. Photo by Stefan Novakovic.

The architecture industry in Ontario creates and supports thousands of jobs and adds tremendous value to Ontario’s gross domestic product (GDP) annually. Economic activity from the architecture industry’s entire footprint in Ontario totalled $128.4 billion or 14% of Ontario’s GDP. The industry also contributes $65.4 billion to Ontario’s GDP; and generates $43.0 billion in personal income; and $21.7 billion in business earnings. In addition, the footprint of the architecture industry supports nearly one million jobs in Ontario.OAA, Altus Group, report

The architectural services industry’s expenditure in providing architectural and related services’ contribution to the Ontario economy cannot be overlooked as it produces $2.2 billion in annual economic activity. These activities add to the economy in various ways by:

  • Contributing $1.4 billion to Ontario’s GDP;
  • Supporting 15,800 jobs each year, many of which are high-paying jobs in professions
    and the trades;
  •  Generating $1.0 billion in personal income, related to labour income and other
    sources of income; and
  •  Generating $450 million in business earnings for small, medium and large

Architectural services play a crucial role in supporting Ontario’s construction industry Every year, the construction sector generates about $115.5 billion in economic activity, and contributes about $58 billion to Ontario’s GDP. It also supports $38.3 billion in personal income and $19.5 billion in business earnings. There are 713,048 jobs that are supported by the construction sector in Ontario.

Excerpted above, “Contribution of the Architectural Services Industry to Ontario’s Economy” was prepared by Altus Group for the Ontario Association of Architects. You can find the full report linked here.

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