Ontario government moves to scrap Green Energy Act

The Ontario government has introduced legislation to scrap the Green Energy Act, which aimed to bolster the province’s renewable energy industry.

Green Energy Act
Led by Premier Doug Ford, Ontario’s new Progressive Conservative government is moving towards scrapping the Green Energy Act, which was implemented as a pillar of Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal government in the late 2000s.

Premier Doug Ford promised to repeal the act during the spring election campaign.

The law was introduced by the previous Liberal government in 2009 under former premier Dalton McGuinty in a bid to grow the province’s solar and wind energy supply.

Critics of the Green Energy Act have said it resulted in an increase in electricity costs and saw the province overpay for power it did not need.

Infrastructure Minister Monte McNaughton says repealing the law will ensure that municipalities regain planning authority over renewable projects, something that was removed under the act.

The government says that future renewable energy projects must first demonstrate need for the electricity they generate before being granted approval.

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