Ontario Launches Consultation on Provincial Policy Statement for Land Use

As part of the More Homes, More Choice: Ontario’s Housing Supply Action Plan, the government is consulting on proposed changes to the Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) — which sets out direction for land use planning in the province.

“Seniors are looking to down-size and young families don’t see a path to homeownership. That’s why we are proposing changes to provincial policies that would spur and speed up the construction of more and different types of housing that can meet the needs of people in different stages of life,” said Steve Clark, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing. “I encourage Ontarians to provide their feedback directly to my ministry during this 90-day consultation period.”

Source: More homes, more choice: Ontario’s housing supply action plan – Government of Ontario

The proposed changes to the PPS would continue to maintain protections for health and safety, the environment – including the Greenbelt – and support the province’s vibrant agricultural sector.

Quick Facts

  • The Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) establishes province-wide direction on land use planning matters that guide municipal decision-making.
  • The proposed changes aim to align with A Place to Grow: Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe.
  • Currently, it can take years of paperwork before a shovel ever breaks ground on a new housing or business project. Red tape and delays make it hard to get housing to market quickly and to build the right mix of housing in the right locations.

Proposed Changes to the Provincial Policy Statement

The Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) sets out Ontario’s land use planning direction for:

  • Managing growth and development;
  • Ensuring the wise use and management of resources, such as farmland and natural features; and
  • Ensuring that public health and safety are protected – such as directing development away from flood-prone areas.

Municipalities implement the PPS through policies included in their official plans, zoning by-laws and local land use planning decisions.

We are holding a 90-day consultation on proposed changes to the PPS. The proposed changes are focused to help:

  • Increase the supply and mix of housing by increasing land supply for housing to help people find homes close to where they work and give municipalities more flexibility to plan for a range of homes, like single-detached, townhouses, mid-rises and duplexes that meet people’s needs.
  • Protect the environment and public safety by encouraging transit-oriented development and ensuring municipalities prepare for the impacts of a changing climate while continuing to protect important natural features, including wetlands, wildlife habitat, and the Greenbelt.
  • Support certainty and economic growth by giving more flexibility to municipalities to ensure areas designated for employment are planned to reflect local needs and to help facilitate the conditions for economic investment, and to ensure that local infrastructure investments are efficiently used, and that protections for transportation and energy corridors for future needs are in place.
  • Reduce barriers and costs by proposing to add new policies that require municipalities to take action to streamline and fast-track development applications for housing and economic development proposals.
  • Support rural, northern and Indigenous communities by providing more flexible sewage and water servicing policies, enhancing municipal engagement with Indigenous communities on land use planning matters, and continuing to support the agricultural sector.

The consultation closes on October 21, 2019. Feedback is encouraged and may be sent by:

Source: More homes, more choice: Ontario’s housing supply action plan – Government of Ontario
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