Ontario proposing new long-term infrastructure legislation

Glen Murray, Minister of Infrastructure and Ministry of Transportation, has announced a proposal to strengthening long-term strategic infrastructure planning in Ontario.

If passed, the proposed Infrastructure for Jobs and Prosperity Act would require the first long-term infrastructure plan to be tabled in the legislature within three years, with following plans tabled every five years.The proposed act also includes guiding principles to help planning align with demographic and economic trends to maximize the value of provincial infrastructure investments and promote innovation, competitiveness, and job creation and training.

“We are investing $35 billion over three years in infrastructure across Ontario over the next three years, which will support more than 100,000 jobs on average each year. This proposed legislation leverages the best possible economic, cultural and environmental outcomes from the province’s infrastructure investments,” said Murray. Since 2003, the province has invested more than $85 billion in all public infrastructure.

Recognizing the province’s need for skilled trade workers, the proposed legislation would also require the government to involve apprentices in the construction of certain provincial infrastructure projects.

“The proposed legislation provides an important framework for the implementation of thoughtful and well-designed infrastructure across the province. The proposed integration of infrastructure planning and delivery with issues of ecology, city building, architectural excellence, conserving heritage architecture, cultural landscapes, user experience and community health lays the foundation for Ontario meeting the global challenges of sustainability, resiliency and prosperity in the years to come,” says Michael McClelland of Toronto-based ERA Architects.

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