Ottawa Board of Trade Unveils Action Plan for Downtown Ottawa

The Ottawa Board of Trade engaged the Canadian Urban Institute to work with a local advisory council to create a plan to make downtown Ottawa more diverse, resilient, and vibrant.

The Ottawa Board of Trade, in collaboration with the Canadian Urban Institute has announced a landmark initiative that promises to revolutionize downtown Ottawa and the region.

The Downtown Ottawa Action Agenda aims to reimagine downtown Ottawa, and make it more “diverse, resilient, and vibrant” for future generations and challenges.

Downtown Ottawa will see the addition of 40,000 new residents and the creation of 50,000 jobs by 2034, under the plan, which will aim to transform the cityscape into a hub of activity and innovation.

The plan proposes to create a joint $500 million fund to kick-start a series of catalytic projects, which includes  enhancements to the public realms of Sparks Street and ByWard Market, as well as the establishment of a new Business Incubation District and an Arts/Culture Corridor.

“This is more than a plan; it’s a renaissance for Ottawa’s downtown,” said Sueling Ching, president and CEO, Ottawa Board of Trade. “By fostering a live-work-play environment, we are not only boosting the local economy but also creating a culturally rich, inclusive, and accessible downtown for all to enjoy. And a Capital City all Canadians can be proud of.”

The action plan was developed by the Canadian Urban Institute in partnership with the City of Ottawa, Ottawa Tourism, Invest Ottawa, BOMA Ottawa and the National Capital Commission.

“Our collaborative approach ensures that the transformation of Downtown Ottawa not only meets the economic and cultural needs of today but paves the way for future generations,” said Brendan McGuinty, board chair, Ottawa Board of Trade.

As the area transforms, it will serve as a model of urban renewal, and showcase the power of strategic investment and community collaboration in building a thriving, dynamic city center. The Ottawa Board of Trade invites residents, businesses, and all stakeholders to join in this exciting journey to reshape our capital’s core.

The top five immediate actions include prioritizing housing, investing in the future, addressing homelessness, addiction, and mental health, improving regional mobility, and positioning downtown nationally and internationally.

“Downtown Ottawa’s revitalization is a blueprint for how cities can harness urban space to meet the challenges of the 21st century, “said Mary Rowe, president and CEO, Canadian Urban Institute. “By focusing on inclusivity, resilience, and vibrant public spaces, Ottawa is setting a standard for urban innovation.”

“We’re taking a Team Ottawa approach to our downtown. By coming together as a community, we’re not just revitalizing our core, but also setting the stage for a dynamic and resilient future for all Ottawa residents,” said Ottawa Mayor, Mark Sutcliffe.

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