Passive House Canada hosting November conference in Vancouver

This year, Vancouver will host the two-day 2018 Passive House Canada Conference. Held on November 7-8, this year’s Passive House Canada Conference is titled “Partnering for Transformation: Industry leaders and government officials shaping the buildings of tomorrow.” A website for the 2018 conference has now been launched, with the first keynote speaker, Gernot Vallentin, now announced.

Vancouver hosts Canada’s 2018 Passive House Conference. Image via Passive House Canada
Vancouver hosts Canada’s 2018 Passive House Conference. Image via Passive House Canada

In the coming days, a full conference schedule will be published here, outlining the program for the two-day conference. Introducing the conference, an open letter from Passive House Canada CEO Rob Bernhardt frames the discussions to come:

Never has the global policy context been as unified or as relevant as it is to Canadian practitioners today. Build Smart – Canada’s Buildings Strategy, has set our country on a course of incredible market transformation.

As the implications of this federal and provincial climate action agreements and initiatives become more widely understood, Canadians in the design and construction sector will experience a rapid increase in the number of high performance buildings being delivered.

Passive House standard sets the benchmark and, more importantly, reliably delivers results. Canada and the world require the performance levels Passive House provides, including co-benefits such as comfort, health, affordability, resilience, and indoor air quality.

This conference offers the opportunity to all participants to become Partners in Transformation and drive the attainment of national and global emission reduction targets.

In keeping with the conference theme – Partnering for Transformation – this conference is one of three integrated events. Passive House Canada has partnered with the Canadian Wood Council and the UN Economic Commission for Europe (which includes North America) in coordinating our three annual conferences in one time and place.

You can find the full text of Rob Bernhardt’s letter via the Passive House Canada Conference website, linked here. A bio of Gernot Vallentin is also available, along with registration information.

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