Pembina Institute applauds Vancouver’s Zero Emissions Building Plan

Karen Tam Wu, director of the buildings and urban solutions program at the Pembina Institute, made the following statement in response to Vancouver city council’s approval of the Zero Emissions Building Plan on Wednesday. New homes and buildings will be near zero emissions by 2030:

“We applaud the City of Vancouver for approving the Zero Emissions Building Plan. The plan puts Vancouver solidly on the path to an ultra energy-efficient, low-carbon economy, and provides a model for jurisdictions across Canada and North America. As other governments wrestle with how best to make good on our global commitment to take strong climate action and reduce carbon pollution, Vancouver continues to forge ahead rather than waffle and wait.

“With the adoption of the Zero Emissions Building Plan, Vancouver is now the first city in North America with a roadmap that defines the specific goals, timelines and initiatives needed to eliminate emissions from most new homes and buildings within a decade. This plan is ambitious and achievable.

“The Zero Emissions Building Plan reaffirms the bold climate leadership that has become Vancouver’s signature. We commend the city for its vision, commitment and adaptiveness on climate action.”

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