Peter Love forms Love Energy Consultants Inc.

Peter Love, Ontario’s first Chief Energy Conservation Officer, recently formed a consultancy firm to foster culture change as part of his commitment to advancing sustainability. His focus will be a number of topics regarding energy efficiency and sustainability, including:

    * Potential, targets, programs and trends, in energy conservation

    * Energy pricing and conservation

    * Demand management

    * The Green Energy Act

    * Renewable energy

    * Culture of conservation

    * Employment, economy and environment related to conservation


Peter is experienced in energy efficiency nationally and globally. He has spoken in conferences such as EE Global in Washington D.C. and Paris, France, the Electric Utilities Environment Conference in Phoenix, as well as the Globe international environment conference in Vancouver


In 2005, Peter was recruited by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) as Ontario’s First Chief Energy Conservation Officer. During his time with the OPA, he provided leadership in electricity conservation as well as a culture of conservation in Ontario.


Prior to his employment at the OPA, Peter was the President of EnerQuality Corporation, where he managed the R-2000 and Energy Star Home programs. From 2000-2005, he was the Executive Director of the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance. In his early years, Peter was the project coordinator for Pollution Probe and helped develop the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” campaign.


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