Ep. 214 – Thomson on Revisiting the Modern Classics

Andy is the principal and founder of Thomson Architecture, Inc. A graduate of UBC’s School of Architecture in 2003, Andy’s 24 years of experience in Germany, the U.S. and Canada in the field of green design and construction combined with his love of the outdoors, informs the work he does today. When Andy isn’t glued to the computer, he can be found windsurfing, cycling, or riding electric skateboards. Andy speaks English, German and French.

Andy and I talked about his interest in using mid-century modern designs that were issued by the CMHC between the 1940s to the 1970s as part of their “pattern books” comprising a set of designs that homeowners could purchase for a nominal sum and then build. His goal is to adapt these plans to the 21st century in order to promote a higher degree of sustainability in residential architecture while advocating for a return to simpler, smaller dwellings that do less with more.

Check it out to learn more about his endeavour and his philosophy of design.

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