Ep. 308 – Under The Influence Of Terry O’Reilly

Lining up podcast guests can be quite the ordeal. Sometimes it literally takes years before busy people accept an invitation if they reply at all.

Terry O’Reilly, arguably someone who’s in really high-demand was such a guest. His wife and producer, albeit a lovely person, kept telling me that it may or may not happen a number of times until I decided to give up. Low and behold, about 6 months after I threw in the towel, I received an email asking “are you still interested in interviewing Terry?”

Needless to say, I put my little bruised ego aside and quickly obliged. The moral of the story is that persistence is key and sometimes, even after you give up, things will still happen.

At the end of the day I hold no grudge with Terry or his producer wife, they were just safeguarding his time for the important work he does and ultimately I’m glad it worked out because this is one of my favourite interviews to date.

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