Pomerleau and Factry create a laboratory dedicated to construction

Pomerleau is partnering with Factry, Canada’s first training centre that specializes in developing creative skills, to create the Pomerleau aXLab: a lab dedicated to integrating innovative technology to the construction industry.

“With this project, we want to develop new skills to usher the construction industry into the future,” says Ian Kirouac, Executive Vice-President, Canadian Building Operations and Corporate Transformation at Pomerleau. “Creativity means allowing yourself to imagine solutions to the most complex problems, and this partnership with Factry is the perfect way to accomplish that.”

“Local businesses are already brimming with solid ideas for collaborations, and having a high-tech lab at a school of creativity is a major asset,” says Marie Amiot, CEO and Co-founder of Factry. “Real change occurs in society when people and technology complement each other intelligently. The partnership between Pomerleau and Factry will bring the best of human and technological potential under one roof.”

Located in the heart of the Quartier de l’innovation, the Factry will develop technologies in robotics, off-site construction, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and digital twins.

“By trying out technologies in a custom laboratory, we will be able to accurately determine their efficacy and added value for our projects and the entire industry,” says Eric Lessard, Vice-President, Innovation and Technology and Chief Digital Officer at Pomerleau. “We believe in the strong potential for emulation with the creative ecosystem at Factry.”

The aXLab will allow younger generations to learn from Pomerleau experts by taking part in workshops and other educational initiatives. Future programming at Factry, featuring a range of training sessions, workshops, and events, will showcase the ideas, knowledge, questions, and surprises that emerge from the aXLab.

Pomerleau will begin the buildout of the aXLab in the coming weeks. The lab will be headed up by Carolyne Filion, Eng. M.Eng., Innovation Manager, R&D and Special Projects at Pomerleau.

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