Provencher_Roy to Redevelop Montréal’s Public Squares

Provencher_Roy has taken on the role as the main designer for the redevelopment of Sainte-Catherine Street West, between Mansfield and De Bleury streets.

Sainte-Catherine St. West, westbound, in front of Christ Church Cathedral, by day
Photo credit: Provencher_Roy

The proposed changes are set to promote Sainte-Catherine’s economic and commercial revitalization, improve the pedestrian experience, and enhance the city’s mobility through a 60 per cent sidewalk expansion.

The firm is also in charge of renovating Phillips Square, Place du Frère-André and the streets that connect these two public squares.

With furniture designed by Michel Dallaire, an industrial designer at Provencher_Roy, the project will additionally establish an audio device that measures and modulates sound amplitude called the equalizer.

This tool’s appearance is largely based on the volume and flow of pedestrians along the streets.

The equalizer reflects this rhythm at pavement level and displays a colour ranging from dark to light grey to inform pedestrians of the presence of vehicular thoroughfare.

”We are pleased to make a significant contribution to this important urban revitalization project for Sainte-Catherine St. It will enhance the artery’s reputation and strategic positioning in the retail realm — not to mention its visibility nationwide. We are also witnessing the emergence of a new living environment that is attractive, modern and based on sustainable mobility, while being respectful of its iconic history and its singular urban context,” said Sonia Gagné, partner, project manager and architect at Provencher_Roy.

Phillips Square

Phillips Square’s urban design concept restores its historical aspects — a rectangular block traversed by two intersecting pathways — and integrates modern elements.

The path’s geometrical symmetry leads visitors toward the monument to Edward VII. Narrowing the roadways will expand Phillips Square’s development, while trees grow bordering the square alongside their persevered companions.

New water features will be introduced in the square’s central pathway as well as an improved commemorative monument to the victims of the Blue Bird Café fire.

New water features in the Square Philips
Photo credit: Provencher_Roy

Place du Frère-André

Located at the intersection of René-Lévesque Boulevard West and Phillips Square Street, Place du Frère-André’s reconstruction uses a similar approach as Phillips Square, on a smaller scale.

Furniture, seating elements and the surface area of the square is expected to be large and of varying sizes.

According to the developer, two drop-off points for the neighbouring hotels will be kept, and all the parking spaces will be eliminated.

Place du Frère-André
Photo credit: Provencher_Roy
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