QMD-Ménard Consortium Begins Solstice Montréal Construction

Solstice Montréal, the latest condominium development by QMD-Ménard Consortium, will be constructed on Montréal’s prestigious de la Montagne Street, south of René-Lévesque.

Rendering Courtesy of guidehabitation.ca

Designed by NEUF architect(e)s, this 44-storey, 339-unit development will be the result of Les Entreprises QMD inc., Les Habitations Sylvain Ménard inc., Harden, Kastello Immobilier inc. and Gestion S.J.-S.F. inc.

“Today this official ground breaking constitutes the first step of building an ambitious and memorable project in the heart of a unique and remarkable city. With the team in place, we are joining forces to build Solstice Montréal. I know it will confirm Montréal’s architectural prominence and our expertise in delivering a luxurious project, with human-scale details. Solstice Montréal is the city’s best kept secret… Not for long,” said Michel Guilbault, Vice-President of Development of the QMD-Ménard Consortium.

A tapered glass tower surmounted by an architectural crown overlooking the St. Lawrence River will dominate the building’s red brick base, inspired by and incorporated within the fabric of Montréal’s urban heritage.

Characterized by the warmth of the materials and inclusion of artworks inside and outside the building, the project provides one-, two- or three-bedroom spaces with bright interior layouts, offering six corner units per floor rather than four.

Rendering Courtesy of guidehabitation.ca

Solstice Montréal will feature communal living areas, an owners’ lounge, an optional private cellar with access to a tasting room, indoor swimming pool, thermal spa, exercise and yoga rooms and electric vehicle stations.

Rendering Courtesy of guidehabitation.ca
Rendering Courtesy of guidehabitation.ca

“It is simply a dream to work on this project. People who already have bought a unit tell us that there is a completely different feel to it. We are building a community of people who truly appreciate Montréal’s lifestyle: here we live fast, work hard, travel yet we want a home that feels like home, where we can take care of ourselves. All that the project has to offer will help the residents keep a balanced lifestyle. Solstice Montréal is a perfect match for a community of like-minded individuals with epicurean tastes who appreciate the finer things in life,” said Patrick Moreau, Project Sales Director.

Three major art pieces will take roots in Solstice Montréal.

Ceramic artist Pascale Girardin will install a piece that is visible from the street and overhangs in the lobby, while the second creation will flourish on a full wall adjacent to the pool, spa and gym.

The project’s east-west promenade, reminiscent of the New York High Line will also include art designed by Vanessa Harden and by David Gardener from Wild Flag Studios.

This 1.8-metre diameter spherical piece is an interactive sculpture built of metal and fixed to a circular base. The sphere will harness the light from the sun to cast intricate shadows during the day.

“We are proud of what we are creating with Solstice Montréal. Not only are we revitalizing a piece of land, we are building something utterly beautiful and as unique as a fingerprint. We are working with artists from Montréal who understand its essence and lifestyle. We are creating living spaces but also meeting places, inside and outside the project. All Montréalers will gain something and this is great,” said Benjamin Sternthal, Development Manager.

Rendering Courtesy of guidehabitation.ca
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