Quays Culture partnership promises bold public realm at Quartier des Spectacles

The Quartier des spectacles Partnership is pleased to announce that it has formed a major international partnership with Quays Culture, an organization that presents temporary public art works and cultural events in Manchester, United Kingdom. Together, they have co-commissioned a new digital art installation to be exhibited on both sides of the Atlantic.Quays Culture, Quartier des Spectacles

The two partners have joined forces to pursue their shared artistic goal: providing members of the public with a break in their day-to-day routines through bold, surprising and exciting works that capture spectators’ imaginations. Their partnership will give rise to the creation of an interactive and innovative digital work.

“We are very pleased with this first collaboration with Quays Culture, an important exhibitor of public digital installations. This relationship gives us an excellent new peer with which to discuss new and innovative practices in this area. The association will also allow the artists of Hub Studio to see their work presented to audiences on either side of the Atlantic, and Montreal to host artists with an impressive portfolio,” said Pascale Daigle, director of programming for the Quartier des Spectacles Partnership.

Hub Studio will create Spectrum for Manchester and Montreal

In March 2018, Quays Culture and the Quartier des spectacles Partnership jointly issued a call for proposals to Quebec- and UK-based artists for the creation of an interactive outdoor digital work. Out of the roughly 20 submissions received, the proposal from Montreal multimedias studio Hub Studio was selected.
Spectrum will be presented from December 7 to 16, 2018 at Salford Quays as part of Lightwaves 2018, the UK’s only free digital light festival. And, will then be exhibited in Montréal, at the Quartier des spectacles.

Spectrum: Voice to create sounds and lights

Spectrum is an interactive installation that invites audiences to send a verbal message, illuminating the process of communication throughout time and space. Members of the public will be encouraged to engage with the installation, which will activate a lights and sounds that travel from one side of the installation to the other. Spectrum illuminates how we ourselves communicate, and how we decode data with multiple sensors.
This visualisation of communication will operate from both sides of the installation, making it possible for people to exchange dialogue through the artwork. Once words are spoken, the participant will be able to feel and observe their travelling messages through light movement and soundscape. The freestanding structure will feature a mini speaker in each of the communication-emitting stands, and a microphone at both ends of the structure, to allow interaction. The technical set-up allows for the sounds of words to travel through a system of delays, and as they flow they trigger light displays that travel at the same speed of these sounds, creating a fascinating illuminated display of the movement of sound.

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