RAIC Festival of Architecture coming to Toronto in 2019

The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) invites proposals for the presentation of continuing education sessions during the Festival of Architecture to be held October 26–30, 2019 in Toronto, ON. The RAIC also invites proposals for the 2020 RAIC Conference.2019 RAIC Festival of Architecture

2019 Festival of Architecture — The five-day festival, developed on the theme of “The Future of Architecture” will feature experts and important stakeholders from the public and private sectors. Driven by the goal of creating better built environments for people, the program will focus on shaping a national architecture policy, enhancing design education, and strengthening the practice of architecture. Conference presentations ranging from environmental stewardship to research and innovation; from cultural heritage to the safety and well-being of Canadians, and more, will highlight the power of architecture. Canada’s prosperity, quality of life, and international competitiveness – this is the future of architecture!

Have a great idea for a tour in the Toronto area? The RAIC wants to hear from you! The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada is soliciting tour proposals for possible inclusion in the 2019 Festival of Architecture. The RAIC is looking for unique and informative tours that will engage and educate the audience. Conference tours can be architectural or recreational in nature. The goals of the program are to show attendees what the conference host city has to offer in terms of new architectural projects, heritage projects, and exciting attractions or excursion activities. Architectural tours also provide continuing education opportunities. An application link for the 2019 tours is available here.

2020 RAIC Conference — The program, tailored for work and educational success, will feature high-quality learning sessions that include interactive content, innovative ideas, and interactive discussions. Participants at all career stages will take away insight, inspiration, and ideas for practical application.

More information about the 2019 RAIC Festival of Architecture is available via the RAIC’s official website, linked here.

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