RFQ Issued for Scarborough Subway Extension Stations, Rail and Systems

The Scarborough Subways Extension project has now reached an important stage – the search for experts who want to build the stations, lay down the tracks, and install all the technology that connects them.

Infrastructure Ontario (IO) and Metrolinx have released a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to identify teams interested in designing and building the Stations, Rail and Systems (SRS) package for the Scarborough Subway Extension project.

According to IO, the SRS package is being delivered using a progressive design build delivery model. At the conclusion of the procurement process, IO and Metrolinx will select a “development partner” who they intend to work collaboratively with during a design phase before finalizing the design-build contract.

The RFQ outlines the scope of work required for the SRS package, which includes:

  • Three new subway stations, with associated bus terminal facilities, at Lawrence Avenue and McCowan Road, Scarborough Centre and a terminal station at McCowan Road and Sheppard Avenue.
  • Eight emergency exit buildings and other required emergency and life-safety facilities.
  • Transition section between Kennedy Station and the tunnel boring machine extraction shaft at Eglinton Avenue East and Midland Avenue.
  • Installation, testing and commissioning of all systems equipment including track, ventilation, signals, communications, integrated control system, traction power, and all other permanent mechanical and electrical systems.
  • Four traction power sub stations.
  • Integration with TTC infrastructure at Kennedy Station as well as with the advance tunnel infrastructure works.

The RFQ is the first step in the procurement process to select a team to deliver the SRS project. IO and Metrolinx will evaluate submissions and are expected to announce a shortlist of qualified proponents who will be invited to respond to a request for proposals in early 2022.

Interested companies must register with www.merx.com to download the RFQ.

The 7.8 kilometre Scarborough Subway Extension is being delivered in two large contracts: the SRS package and the advance tunnel contract. The tunnel contract was awarded on May 25, 2021 to Strabag.

The Scarborough Subway Extension is one of four priority transit projects announced by the Province in 2019 for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. In May 2021, the Government of Canada announced funding for Ontario’s four transit priority projects in the Greater Toronto Area, including the Ontario Line, a three-stop Scarborough Subway Extension, the Yonge North Subway Extension and the Eglinton Crosstown West Extension. Planning is underway for all four subway projects and procurements for the subway program are being staged to ensure each project is delivered successfully.

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