Saskatchewan Roughriders’ old stadium goes out with a bang after 80 years

A piece of Canadian football history has gone out with a bang in Regina. The last standing section of the Mosaic Stadium, home to the Saskatchewan Roughriders for 80 years, was demolished Friday as hundreds of football fans dressed in the team’s green jerseys watched on in a mix of nostalgia and sorrow.

The area is being converted to a mixed-use development and the city paid just over $2 million for the facility’s deconstruction.

Many fans gathered behind a security fence, while others perched on nearby rooftops to watch the westside grandstands of the stadium topple.

Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field was home to the Roughriders from 1936-2016.

The team opened the 2017 season in a new $278-million facility, also named Mosaic Stadium, right next door.

It has a capacity of 33,000 but can be expanded to 40,000 for major events.

“It is sad, a lot of memories,” Elaine Kivisto said as she watched the last bit of the stadium come down.

“I’ve been a season ticket holder for 37 years, our sons played high school football here and so we came to all those games, so it is bittersweet.’

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