Single Serves is a podcast where we interview experts on single issues of interest to architects and designers. The thought-provoking ideas shared here are intended to inspire listeners to become well-rounded entrepreneurs who are the leaders of their field.

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An architect by training, Arnaud Marthouret is a culture, communications and media pioneer for the architecture and design industry. He was born in Grenoble, France, where he lived until his early twenties. Growing up surrounded by grandiose mountains in the Northern French Alps, he developed an idiosyncratic love for nature, which nurtured his early creative and adventurous spirit. These are character traits that he still cherishes and nurture to this day, as they allow him to see things from a different perspective. He has an unending love affair for two-wheelers, particularly motorbikes. The overwhelming feeling of freedom that one experiences riding, provides an ideal form of focused escape from this over-connected life.


Ep. 310 – Ashfield on Public Speaking

What make a good public speaker? Susie Ashfield joins us on episode 310 to share some secrets with us...Ashfield comes from a strong creative background. As a communications specialist, she makes the most of her unique combination of…

Ep. 309 – Sibolboro on Canadian Design

Richelle Sibolboro is a brand strategist and content creator with in-depth expertise and passion for arts and culture especially design, architecture, and travel. With over 15 years of experience in communications, design, brand, and…

Ep. 308 – Stoddard on Service Design

What is service design and how can it help designers conceive of better environments that better serve their users?This is the question that John Stoddard and I attempted to answer in this conversation.John is a Service Design…

Ep. 307 – Speckert on Single Stair Buildings

What are some of the simple, easy and immediate solutions to the housing challenges that many growing cities are experiencing?Conrad Speckert came up with one and has joined us on the podcast to talk about it in detail. Conrad is a…