Single Serves is a podcast where we interview experts on single issues of interest to architects and designers. The thought-provoking ideas shared here are intended to inspire listeners to become well-rounded entrepreneurs who are the leaders of their field.

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An architect by training, Arnaud Marthouret is a culture, communications and media pioneer for the architecture and design industry. He was born in Grenoble, France, where he lived until his early twenties. Growing up surrounded by grandiose mountains in the Northern French Alps, he developed an idiosyncratic love for nature, which nurtured his early creative and adventurous spirit. These are character traits that he still cherishes and nurture to this day, as they allow him to see things from a different perspective. He has an unending love affair for two-wheelers, particularly motorbikes. The overwhelming feeling of freedom that one experiences riding, provides an ideal form of focused escape from this over-connected life.


Ep. 104 – Dreessen on Procurement

Architect Toon Dreessen has been a relentless advocate for procurement reform in the architecture industry. While there has been some movement in the right direction, it's still not enough according to Dreessen and in some cases puts…

EP. 103 – Sobchak on Media Literacy and Criticism

In this episode I interview Peter Sobchak, Editor in Chief of Canadian Interiors magazine, Building magazine and lover of great design. Peter and I talked about criticism and media literacy or lack thereof in the architecture industry and…

Ep. 102 – Gareri on Culture

Some years ago, Tony Gareri found himself propelled to the helm of his family’s business, Roma Moulding. When the late 2000’s recession hit, he was faced with a challenge: either roll up his sleeves and turn the business around or accept…

Ep. 101 – Sharp on Social Media For Architects

Dave Sharp may be a youngster, but in a short time he's built a respectable business around helping architects navigate the world of social media and marketing. Dave and I talked about social media for designers, its pitfalls and untapped…