Solar Power Network and Plaza Ontario collaborate on a solar generation project in Windsor

Solar Power Network has outfitted its first site with 910 solar panels, across 23,000 square feet of rooftop space at Plaza Ontario. A 20-year commitment to generating sustainable energy through the Ontario Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) program and EnWin’s continued commitment to connecting solar generation capacity, the rooftop solar panel system supports Ontario’s goals of eliminating the province’s dependence on coal-fired power and the related emissions, which are the principle ingredient in the smog that causes Ontario air quality advisory alerts.

“We’re very proud to participate in the Solar Power Network, contributing efficient, clean and sustainable energy to Ontario’s electrical grid,” says Paulo Fontana, co-owner and founder of Plaza Ontario. “With no upfront costs or associated project costs for us, and no structural impact to our rooftop, turning unused rooftop space into a source for energy generation is a low-risk, high-reward undertaking. It makes good business sense and good environmental sense.”

Plaza Ontario’s Provincial Road location in Windsor has not only been outfitted with 910 solar panels, but is also actively monitored by Solar Power Network to ensure peak efficiency at all times. To minimize power lost in transmission, as is the case with traditional power delivery, Ontario’s FIT program enables energy collected to be distributed to the local grid, and consumed by the building itself and then homes and businesses closest to the site.

“As Ontario continues to shift its priorities toward more sustainable sources of energy, we have seen a growing interest in our rooftop lease offer from similar companies across the province,” says Peter Goodman, President and CEO, Solar Power Network. “Our unique approach uses the latest solar technology and equipment and offers customers an innovative lower panel angle design, which results in no structural impact to their rooftop while maximizing the revenue from their leased out roof space.”

Plaza Ontario’s involvement in the SPN rooftop solar program is a great match for its current mandate, which involves sourcing natural and sustainable flooring materials for Ontario homeowners. The solar program, which is owned and operated by Solar Power Network, will produce 264 MWh of power each year – equivalent to displacing 132 metric tonnes of greenhouse gases, the root cause of air pollution.

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