Stantec architect elected to Canadian Architectural Certification Board

Vancouver-based architect Sean Rodrigues, AIBC, MRAIC, has been appointed to the Board of Directors for the Canadian Architectural Certification Board (CACB) as voted by its members across Canada last month.

Sean’s appointment to the three-year term follows 20 years of broad experience including serving as Project Manager for Venue Construction at the Vancouver Olympic Committee (VANOC) leading up to the 2010 Winter Games. Since joining Stantec last year, he has taken on significant project management challenges across multiple sectors in B.C. including power and transportation.

Sean, who lives in Burnaby, already serves on the Architecture Institute of British Columbia’s (AIBC) Licensing and Registration Board, and is an examiner for the CACB’s Broadly Experienced Foreign Architects (BEFA) program which registers foreign architects for licensure in Canada.

“I see this as an incredible opportunity to help ensure that architectural graduates make the most of their years of education, and effectively transition into the design industry.” says Rodrigues.

“The fact the Sean has been appointed to one of the most prestigious and trusted posts in the industry speaks volumes about his experience and reputation,” added Michael Kennedy, vice president, British Columbia at Stantec. “We’re proud to have Sean on our team and this appointment is a true recognition of his talent.”

The CACB is the only organization recognized by architects across Canada to assess qualifications of graduates from architectural programs, accredit professional degree programs, and assess foreign architects against standards of competency for practice in Canada. The CACB’s mandate is to administer:

•           Certification of architect’s educational qualifications

•           Accreditation of professional programs at Canadian Architectural schools

•           Certification of professional qualification of Broadly Experienced Foreign Architects

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