The Embassy of Canada in China Earns BOMA BEST Silver

The Embassy of Canada in China has earned a BOMA BEST silver certification on all six of its major buildings. The program’s Canadian mission was the joint effort of Global Affairs Canada (GAC), the Building Operators and Managers Association of Canada (BOMA Canada) and the Building Owners and Managers Association of China (BOMA China).

Canadian Embassy in Beijing – 19 Dongzhimenwai Dajie Chao Yang District Beijing; Photo Credit: Benjamin Vander Steen via Wikimedia Commons

“Working with the Global Affairs Canada to have their first foreign mission BOMA BEST certified silver has been a rewarding experience for BOMA China. We are very proud to have contributed our expertise in getting all six of their buildings certified and look forward to continuing the growth of BOMA BEST throughout China,” said Dominic Lau, BOMA China, Executive Director.

The BOMA BEST Sustainable Buildings Certification program is Canada’s environmental assessment that provides owners and managers a consistent framework to evaluate the environmental performance of buildings.

Buildings are analyzed individually within a framework that thoroughly assesses ten key areas of environmental management including energy, water, air, purchasing and waste.

Jim Nickel, Chargé d’affaires, states that the Embassy intends to be the greenest diplomatic mission in Beijing. This goal requires taking concrete action to reduce their environmental footprint.

“I’m proud to announce the successful Silver level certification of the Embassy Canada to China under the BOMA BEST program, which is the result of a strong partnership with BOMA Canada and BOMA China,” said Nickel.

According to Nickel, this is first BOMA BEST certification of a Canadian mission. Using the BOMA BEST standard allowed the team to make changes to their building management processes.

Achieving the BOMA BEST certification is part of Global Affairs Canada’s efforts to reduce its environmental footprint abroad.

The Embassy’s initiatives include: decreasing their environmental impact, implementing sustainable projects such as, installing low-flow toilets, LED lights, motion sensors, programmable timers, battery recycling, electric and hybrid vehicles, and on-site bike sharing.

“Our Embassy shows that sustainability in commercial real estate really can be achieved in China – it is an example not just for Canadian citizens but for Chinese commercial real estate professionals too. Congratulations to all. Thank you. Merci beaucoup. Xie Xie,” said BOMA Canada CEO Benjamin Shinewald.

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