The Montana building opens in Calgary

One of Calgary’s first significant post-recessionary condominium developments, The Montana, has opened more than just its doors. The building’s owner, ProCura, has announced in conjunction with The Montana’s grand opening that it will donate $1,000 for each of the remaining units it sells to the Famous 5 Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to preserving the legacy of famed suffragists, legislators and women’s rights advocates: Nellie McClung, Emily Murphy, Louise McKinney, Henrietta Muir Edwards and Irene Parlby. These five women were lifelong champions of the rights of women and children across Canada, and are perhaps best known for giving women the opportunity to vote by winning the 1929 “Persons” Case.


ProCura also maintains the historic Nellie McClung house next door to the Montana, located in the city’s Uptown 17 district, and is looking for investors to help turn the property into a community space for women’s organizations, as well as converting part of the home into a museum dedicated to the Famous Five.

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