Tim Hortons to upgrade distribution system and open new warehouses

Tim Hortons Inc. will spend $100 million to revamp its distribution system after some franchisees complained that supply deliveries from the company were delayed because of software upgrades.

The fast-food giant’s president Alex Macedo says the moves will help streamline its restaurant operations and ensure it provides uniform service across the country.

Tim Hortons
Changes to the Tim Hortons warehousing and distribution model follow an announcement that the company will be moving its HQ from Oakville (pictured) to downtown Toronto. Photo by Whpq via Wikimedia Commons.

The new warehouses will be located in Calgary, Alta. and Langley, B.C. and an already existing facility in Debart, N.S. will be upgraded.

Macedo says the provinces where the warehouses will be built are currently being served by smaller facilities that process a lower volume of products.

He expects their construction and upgrades to create 150 jobs.

The changes build on an April upgrade the company made to its software and supply chain distribution processes, which caused temporarily delays in beverage, sanitation supply, reusable merchandise and take-home coffee shipments.

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