Toon Dreessen new OAA president

As president of the Ontario Association of Architects (OAA), Dreessen hopes to engage people across the province in conversations about the value of architecture to society. He will also continue to advocate with, and on behalf of, OAA members to promote and regulate the practice of architecture in Ontario.

A partner at Ottawa-based Farrow-Dreessen Architects Inc., Dreessen’s main focus is to raise public awareness around the value of architecture, emphasizing how much architecture affects every aspect of a person’s daily life. Ontario architects make valuable contributions to sustainable cities, heritage preservation, and community development.

“Ontario architects continue to produce a level of work that is recognized for its design excellence; intelligently designed buildings that contribute significantly to the development of healthy, vibrant and diverse communities,” says Dreessen. “From sustainability, to community development and heritage preservation, the scope of an architect’s role in society is wide-ranging.”

With a focus on building strong communication bridges, Dreessen is committed to developing the OAA’s relationships with other organizations as well as cultivating an engaging dialogue with the public. This includes giving OAA members a platform and the tools to advocate on the organization’s behalf, as well as developing a strong relationship with the future generation of Ontario architects, from graduates and intern architects, to schools of architecture across the province.

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