Toronto launches interactive online map of capital projects

The City of Toronto is introducing a new web-based mapping system that will display locations and details of planned capital projects that are scheduled for construction in 2012, particularly construction that will affect city streets.

Called T.O. INview (short for Infrastructure Viewer), it is a mapping tool that will enable users to quickly identify different types of construction and contacts for further information.

Users will be able to navigate the web-based mapping system to learn about projects that the City, utilities, and other agencies including Metrolinx and the TTC, plan to construct this year.

In addition to providing details about the nature of individual projects, the system will be used to improve coordination of projects, with the goal of more efficient capital expenditures and reduced inconvenience to the public.

While planned roadwork activities will be available on T.O. INview, emergency or short term road work will not be included. The city’s road restrictions website is a good place to check for information on emergency road work or special events that affect our streets. This site is helpful in assisting residents to choose the best route to travel in the city.

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