Town of Caledon Takes Step to Address Housing Crisis

The Mayor of Caledon recently announced action to advance re-zoning to expedite 35,000 housing units in the Town.

On April 10, Caledon Mayor Annette Groves announced that the Town will be advancing the re-zoning of 12 development applications to expedite 35,000 housing units in an effort to tackle the local housing crisis and foster sustainable growth in the community.

This initiative follows the adoption of the new Official Plan at Council, and Ontario’s recent award of $2.8 million to Caledon under the Building Faster Fund for its progress on its Housing Pledge.

“Caledon is poised for transformation, and to ensure our competitiveness in the GTA, we must take bold steps to address the housing shortage. This step positions our community for success in the years ahead while meeting planning requirements,” said Mayor Groves.

“Prioritizing zoned land for a range of housing choices is essential for fostering inclusive communities and promoting equitable growth. We are demonstrating that Caledon is open for business, there is certainty in investment here and that we are ready to build complete communities in a timely manner.”

CAO Nathan Hyde also emphasized the stage of growth that the Town of Caledon is experiencing. “Caledon is ready and open for business. This unparalleled direction signals Caledon’s readiness and ambitions for growth and the commitment to expedite the creation of complete, sustainable communities, as envisioned in the Town’s Strategic Plan,” he said.

This move ensures a supply of development sites for all types of housing, in order to meet demand as well as encourage housing affordability. The 12 applications will support the supply of roughly 35,000 housing units over time.

According to the Town of Caledon, this approach to zoning will also have the flexibility to meet future changes in housing demand and support new communities as they evolve over time.

This direction by Mayor Groves also enables staff to advance the development applications through the remaining municipal planning process, and expediting the overall development timelines. It is expected to streamline procedures by approximately one to two years for the applications, acording to the Town.

A public meeting for the applications is expected to be held on April 25, 2024, which will be followed by a Council meeting on April 30 for the approval of the zoning by-laws.

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