Toyota Mobility Foundation Announces Finalists for the City Architecture for Tomorrow Challenge

The Toyota Mobility foundation (TMF) has announced RUNWITHIT Synthetics, among six solution ideas, as a finalist for the City Architecture for Tomorrow Challenge (CATCH) program.

The Foundation launched CATCH in February 2020 with a global call for dynamic, intelligent and data-driven solutions to address mobility and city planning challenges in Kuala Lumpur. RUNWITHIT Synthetics’ idea involves Synthetic KL, a live, geospatial, interconnected synthetic modelling environment for designing targeted, impactful mobility solutions.

Despite the continuing impact of COVID-19, the CATCH program progressed through the application stage in May, receiving over 90 entries from 20+ countries. Then the Semi-Finalist stage finished in December. In this stage the Semi-Finalists obtained an understanding of Kuala Lumpur’s mobility issues for their Proof of Concept (PoC) development over a 6-week period.

An esteemed panel of eight judges from various fields of expertise such as government, sustainable mobility, venture capital, technology, and industry virtually assessed the 16 Semi-Finalists. After careful consideration and based on the feedback from the judges, TMF identified six teams as Finalists rather than five teams as originally planned.

The following six teams are deemed to be best suited to CATCH’s problem statement and the five assessment criteria of creativity, feasibility, sustainability, desirability and technicality. These teams will be asked to further develop their MVPs, and at this stage each will receive a grant of US$125,000 of financial support to drive testing and implementation of intelligent data-driven, connected solutions, aimed at a more efficient, innovative, secure and sustainable city of Kuala Lumpur.

The six finalists:

Company Name


Solution Description



Analytics database technology enabling smart city data fusion to power advanced multimodal transport optimization

Hayden AI Technologies


Artificial intelligence powered data platform that helps innovative cities to improve traffic safety and efficiency


Malaysia/ Australia

P2P/B2B parking management platform to increase parking supply around transport hubs, track real-time data and optimize commuters’ journeys



Defeating traffic congestion at the source: Demand-responsive first mile commuter transport in Bandar Sunway



Privacy-first computer vision solution to measure multimodal traffic flows and identify opportunities to improve pedestrian safety

RUNWITHIT Synthetics


Synthetic KL, a live, geospatial, interconnected synthetic modelling environment for designing targeted, impactful mobility solutions

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