Truth Is Golden looks at renowned creatives and their work with a critical eye, aiming to ask deep questions in order to peel back the layers of marketing, clever one-liners and sexy branding. The goal is to show the world what it truly takes for genuinely creative forces to find their own voices and make a career at it. This podcast explores the successes, the failures, the inspirational stories and the lessons gleaned from all of it.

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An architect by training, Arnaud Marthouret is a culture, communications and media pioneer for the architecture and design industry. He was born in Grenoble, France, where he lived until his early twenties. Growing up surrounded by grandiose mountains in the Northern French Alps, he developed an idiosyncratic love for nature, which nurtured his early creative and adventurous spirit. These are character traits that he still cherishes and nurture to this day, as they allow him to see things from a different perspective. He has an unending love affair for two-wheelers, particularly motorbikes. The overwhelming feeling of freedom that one experiences riding, provides an ideal form of focused escape from this over-connected life.

Recent Posts

Ep. 105 – Revolution Not Evolution w/ Matthew Rosenberg

Architect Matthew Rosenberg grew up in Saskatoon in an environment that did not predestine him to become the daring creative force he is today. A quiet suburban life and (admittedly overly) caring family was more likely to be conducive to a…

Ep. 104 – Slamming into Fear w/ Ian French

Ian French -- a.k.a. IF -- is a poet with a troubled youth. He rebelled against authority, did drugs and got into all kinds of trouble. Before his antics caught up to him, he started a business with his brother in his 20's and would go on…

Ep. 103 – Shaped by Light w/ Murray Legge

In this episode, we speak with Murray Legge, FAIA, an architect and Toronto native working in Austin, TX. Murray discusses his boundless creativity, the influence of growing up in Toronto, how architecture is influenced by film-making and…

Ep. 101 – Rocking the Furniture World w/ Muzo

Muzo, a band of rockers from the U.K., decided 15+ years ago to disrupt the office furniture market. Not only are their products cool, but they are really well-designed with the end user in mind. What makes them unique? Their love for music…