University of Toronto Engineering professor awarded new Chair in concrete durability and sustainability

The Cement Association of Canada has announced that the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) of Canada/ Cement Association of Canada Industrial Research Chair in Concrete Durability and Sustainability was awarded to Dr. Doug Hooton, one of the top researchers in cement and concrete sustainability and durability.

The Chair’s funding is valued at $1.8 million over five years with contributions from the Cement Association of Canada, NSERC, University of Toronto, Holcim Canada and Whitemud Resources. This funded chair will create a new tenure-track faculty position and will provide funding for graduate student and research associate positions.

The goal of the Research Chair is to provide innovative and effective approaches to improve the environmental sustainability and durability of concrete, as well as providing leadership in development of specifications and industry standards. Enhancing the durability of concrete, while incorporating recycled local materials, improves the sustainability of buildings and infrastructure. The Chair will help focus research and teaching in an area that is critical to making informed choices in infrastructure renewal and addressing the environmental and energy sustainability challenges facing the cement, concrete and construction industries.


“The Canadian cement and concrete industries will greatly benefit from Doug Hooton’s research goal to produce stronger and more sustainable concrete using innovative new materials that are more durable and environmentally-friendly”, said Michael McSweeney, president and CEO of the Cement Association of Canada.

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