Vietnamese developer Hue Developments is enhancing Hamilton’s architectural landscape

James Street Baptist Church’s contemporary renovation, Connolly, will become a marquee building that defines Hamilton’s skyline under the aegis of Hue Developments and LCH Developments.

Thoughtfully blending the famed church façade with modern architecture, the 30-storey mixed-use tower will become a cultural asset in the city with residential units, a ground floor commercial space and amenities.

Located at the corner of James St. S. and Jackson St. W., Connolly marks the first project by Hue Developments, the Canadian arm of Vietnamese developer Hoa Binh Corporation (HBC).

“Having lived in Hamilton, I’ve always admired the heritage buildings preserved in this city, so the church’s façade was a natural draw. Connolly presented the perfect opportunity to bring our expertise to Canada by creating a sophisticated building that complements its surroundings,” said Allen Le Nam, CEO of Hue Developments.

According to developers, the Connolly design is one of the largest façade conservation projects in the region. Approximately 20,000 stones will need to be stabilized prior to construction, and a new wall structure will be poured in to stabilize the façade’s walls below grade.

“Our biggest focus since taking over this project has been to do a better job at showcasing the church, and re-integrating it into the building and community. We recognize Connolly’s impact will be greater than just the building – we are filling a void in Hamilton,” said Luke Wywrot, Managing Partner of LCH.

Architecture, interior design and heritage conservation firm, mcCallumSather, is helming the transformation of this landmark into lofts and condominium units.

“Connolly is a meaningful re-interpretation of a significant heritage landmark that holds a powerful connection to our collective memory. The tower is juxtaposed against the historic asset and speaks to its modern urban context. We look forward to seeing the community engage with our contemporary design and this important part of Hamilton’s history,” said Drew Hauser, Director at mcCallumSather.
Connolly’s incorporation the church’s stained-glass windows, high ceilings, and exposed stones allow both the public and residents to celebrate its architectural heritage.

Its rose window feature will span approximately 9.1 metres across the façade, forming the centre of the gym.

Nestled in the Durand neighbourhood, Connolly is just steps away from the Hamilton GO Centre Station; the station will also be a stop along the planned Hamilton LRT.

The building is also within close proximity to James St. N.’s shops, restaurants, and some of the city’s institutions such as McMaster University and St. Joseph’s Hospital.

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